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Minto Fire urges residents to use extreme caution after all three MFD stations responded to a grass

Yesterday at approximately 10:30am, Minto Fire was called to a large amount of flame and smoke coming from an area near the walking trail behind Cargill in Palmerston. Crews arrived finding a large amount of fire and smoke coming from a grass fire near this location. The fire was burning along the edge of the walking trail and extending into the former Palmerston landfill site owned by the County of Wellington.

Crews deployed hose lines along the walking trail to extinguish the fast moving fire on the side of the trail. Crews also had to extend a large amount of hose from the landfill entrance to the rear of the property to battle the flames in this area. The fire travelled extremely fast with firefighters battling to stay ahead of it. All three Minto Fire Stations were called in to assist. After 2 hours of being on scene, the fire was declared under control. Over 2000 feet of hose was deployed to reach the fire area. No damage or injuries to Firefighters occurred.

Due to the lack of rain in this area, ground conditions are extremely dry and at extreme fire risk. MFD asks residents to:

  • Place cigarette butts in metal containers. Do not throw them on the ground or into vegetation.

  • Leave fireworks to the professionals. Do not use consumer fireworks.

  • Reduce the risk from sparks by making sure nothing is dragging from vehicles or machinery.

  • Do not park hot machinery or vehicles in fields or on dry grass.

  • Homeowners who barbeque should maintain a 10-foot area free of brush and shrubbery around grills and propane tanks. Never leave a grill unattended.

  • Abide by the current total fire ban in place.

For more information or if you have question regarding grass fire prevention please contact Callise Loos at or 519.343.3735.

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